What does Seismic Retrofitting mean?

What does Seismic Retrofitting mean?

   2015-10-10          source: buildingresearch.com.np

Seismic Retrofitting, primarily meant to enhance the safety of the existing structures in earthquakes; is an effective application of Structural Engineering. Following describes the step by step definition/procedure regarding Seismic Retrofitting of various kinds of structures;


Seismic Retrofitting

Selection of the Proper Retrofitting Measure

Retrofitting Design Principles

Fig-1 (Seismic Retrofitting Works on a Six Storeyed Non Ductile RC Frame Building by BREINS – Building Research Institute (P) Ltd., Nepal, 2010)

 Retrofitting works may also be necessary in a well built building if extra storeys are to be added. Also, old-weak buildings can be extended after properly strengthening the older part so as to bear the increased safety demand due to the extended part.

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